3 Things You Must Do if You’re in a Car Accident

Car accidents happen in a split second. You are stunned, hurting and probably angry at the other driver. That’s why it is important to know in advance what to do if you are in an accident. Here are my three ‘must do’ recommendations:

1. Take photographs of the scene before you move your vehicle. These photos will be important to show the location of the vehicle and who is at fault. Even if you are hit from behind, you still need to do this. You would be surprised how many people who rear-end someone say that the other driver “stopped short” or “merged into my lane suddenly.” These photos will help establish that the other driver is at fault.

2. Get witness information. If another driver witnessed the accident, get their name, address and phone number. Most people are willing to stop, but don’t want to wait around until the police arrive. I have had many cases where there were witnesses to the accident, but nobody got their information. These independent witnesses are vital to helping you prove your case.

3. Call the police. Even if the other driver admits fault and tells you they will pay for your property damage, you must call the police. The police take down valuable information about the accident and who was at fault. When we don’t have a police report, stories can change and suddenly the other driver may claim you are at fault.

Sadly, car accidents happen all too often and most people will be in a car accident at some point in their lives. It is important to know what to do if it ever happens, so that you are prepared.

Things to Know Before Going for a Car Title Loan

Before you decide to go for an auto title loan it is smart to understand all about it, like its advantages, how these titles loan work etc. You should also give a serious thought to what kind of amount you will have to pay back and how you plan to repay the loan. Above, all it is very important that you deal with a lender who is reliable and trustworthy. Click here to know more about vehicle title loans. There are four things you should understand. Let us take a look at them one by one.

How does it Work: After you take the loan, you borrow the amount and use your vehicle’s equity to secure the loan amount. In simple words, the lender gives you money based on the value of the vehicle you are securing the loan with. Qualifying for the car title loan is much easier for this very reason; while other financing options are a bit tricky. These kinds of loan can be very helpful in many situations but you should thoroughly understand every aspect of such loans before you take one.

Understanding the Details: The very first thing that you should realize is that these kinds of loans are certainly not the solution to long-term budget related issues. In most of the cases you need to give back the loan amount with interest in a matter of few weeks or few months; while there are cases when a lender may choose to give you few years to pay back the loan. But, it again has disadvantages that if you take a loan for a longer period you will be paying more interests. So, you will always have to keep doing the math so that you are able to arrange the loan amount as soon as possible so that you pay less interest.

Interest Rates and Repayment Amount: Learn about the interest rate that you are lender is about to charge you after you take a vehicle title loan from him. Remember, the meaning of interest till you pay back all your loan amount . It is nothing but the fee that is charged to you for taking a loan for a certain period of time. You will see this number in the contract that you get into. You have to see to it that you choose a lender who offers less interest rate as that is how you can make sure that you cough out lesser amount over a period of time. The rate of interest directly affects the amount that you pay back on a monthly basis. Another factor that affects the monthly payment amount is the tenure of the loan. As a person who is borrowing the loan, your aim should be to make the interest rate and tenure of the loan as small as possible.

Finding the Right Lender: Choosing the right lender is perhaps the biggest favor you would do to yourself while taking a vehicle auto loan. Understand, that every lender works in a different way from another and each of them offer different customer services. There are many lenders who like to educate the borrowers and are very borrower friendly while there are others who only aim to make money no matter which way.

4 Reasons Why You May Have to Consider an Auto Title Loan

If you are one of those who are considering auto title loan as one of the options, you would definitely want to know why you should choose this. You obviously don’t want go for a loan for purchasing a TV if you bought one few months ago but it is possible that you do have certain good reasons to go for a loan. Mentioned below are some common reasons why you would want to take an auto title loan.

  • Side Effects Synthroid Medical Bills: Medicals bills don’t get any cheaper with passing years and Americans are facing the brunt for quite sometime now. An average American citizen ends up spending a good 6.4% of his or her net income on medical bills. So if you are on of those average Americans and earn about $25,000 per annum then you would be spending around $1,600 on medical care alone. If unfortunately you or your family member faces a chronic medical condition, the cost of surgery and medical bills will take the net figure much above $1,600 unless you have a good medical insurance policy in place. As more and more employers are cutting down their employee’s health coverage, it is quite likely that you no more have a decent health cover. This means the money needed for any emergency treatments, and health issues will have to be coughed out by you. In a situation like this, an auto title loan can be a great relief to obtain urgent funds without going through the traditional hassle of lenders.

  • For Paying Utility Bills and Generating Surplus Cash: Even if you are cash-strapped, you cannot do without electricity; if you are one the verge of losing electric supply due to non-payment or there is a similar problem with other utility service then you need desperate cash to get rid of the problem because these are the necessities you just can’t do without. After all, no one enjoys sitting in a dark house, or always have cold food or take shower at a relative’s house. A car title loan can quickly get you the much needed cash. Often the cash comes in hand in a matter of few hours and not days or weeks. This way, you can keep the utilities intact and find enough time to pay back the loan. It will also allow you to generate surplus cash for taking care of other daily needs.

  • Mortgage or Rent Payment: A roof above your head is a basic need in terms of good health, safety and above all, maintaining your quality of your life. If you have reached your mortgage payment deadline without making proper payments, you are heading towards imminent eviction, so paying back the money becomes your number one priority. Something like an auto title loan can be a quick solution to avert a problem like this.

  • Vehicle Repairs: As ironic as it may sound, a loan of this kind can also keep your vehicle in running condition. If your vehicle has a major part replacement problem, which requires a handsome amount that you can’t afford to shell out, a car title loan can be an absolute savior. You don’t want to be travelling around in buses despite owning a beautiful car. In situations like, a quick visit to one of the title lenders can get you just the amount that you need to pay at the repair shop. The amount can be as small as just few hundred dollars, and you can quickly repay it back over next one month.

Auto title loan lenders often concentrate just on the value of your vehicle and don’t go for too much of background check like cross-checking credit scores etc. When it comes to title loans, Orange County has some of the best lenders to offer and customers can hope for loans that are not only approved in just few hours but are also given at extremely reasonable rates.

Top 5 things people tend to miss out, while selecting Attorneys

Whenever you face a lawsuit, your focus of attention is always winning the case. However, you must not forget to keep a track of the expenses involved in handling the case. Many a times, it has been noticed that people tend to miss out on some simple issues, which may turn out to be a source of problems in due course.

So, let’s look at top 5 things that people tend to overlook, but these things may back fire on you, and cost you a great deal.

1.Is there any retainer payable up front?

Payment terms always vary, as some attorneys prefer to charge some retainer upfront and the remaining portion of the fee progressively. While, on the other hand, some lawyers even charge all their fees after the settlement of the case. Hence, you must make sure that you understand all the payments terms mentioned in the contract.

2.How many cases is your attorney handling in parallel?

An experienced attorney, who charges you less, may not necessarily be advantageous, because the number of cases your attorney is handling in parallel, almost has a considerable impact on the case. If your attorney is too busy, handling more than 5-6cases in parallel, then chances are high that he/she may be stuck up with other cases, and may not be able to spend too much time with you.

3.What could be the surprise expenses involved in the case?

It is quite possible that under special circumstances, during the lawsuit, you may even end up getting sued for some other reason, therefore, handling such cases essentially involves additional attorney fee. So, you must know how much it would cost you extra, should the things go wrong in an unlikely case!

4.Does the lawyer advance out of pocket costs?

You must not end up hiring attorneys, who are not willing to negotiate upon payment terms even to the slightest extent. Remember, the initial agreement is always subject to considerable amount of variations, so it is important that you hire someone who’s flexible enough to keep the overall budget of the case, under the affordable limit.

5.Would any unused portion be refundable?

Sometimes, many attorneys even include some refundable fees in the contract, so you must know whether the total charges involve any refundable fees. More importantly, under what circumstances can you get back that refundable amount?

Maryland Car Accident Lawyers

We Can Help

You’ve been hurt and you need help. You need help finding the right medical care and treatment; dealing with doctors’ offices and all the paperwork. You’re getting calls from insurance companies — both yours and the other side’s — and you’re not sure what to do. You’re unable to go back to work and you have bills to pay. Your car was totaled and you need a rental car.

Morgenstern Injury Lawyers can help.

Why us?

That’s all we do: our Maryland car accident lawyers only represent people who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. And, we have been helping those injured – just like you — for 35 years. We have obtained record verdicts and settlements for our clients, such as the $59.7 million dollar verdict against Toyota on behalf of a young man catastrophically injured in a horrific car crash.

We are rated AV, the highest rating, by Martindale-Hubbell. We are repeatedly named to Washingtonian magazine’s highly-regarded “Best Lawyers” listing. We are selected to DC Super Lawyers and Maryland Super Lawyers annual listing of outstanding law firms.

How do we help?

First, we make sure that all proper medical care and treatment are being provided. Our Maryland car accident attorneys work with doctors, physical rehabilitation experts and other medical providers so that your immediate and long-term recovery is maximized.

Next, we focus on the legal issues surrounding your accident. We have the expertise and resources to investigate every aspect of your case, ensuring that you will be compensated to the fullest extent possible.

Finally, we know how lives can be shattered in an instant after a devastating car accident. This is why we provide services to help our clients get back on their feet, to regain some normalcy in their lives. In many instances, we can arrange loans for living expenses for you to get by until your case is resolved. We can also assist in getting your car repaired quickly or arranging for a rental car.

We are committed to staying responsive and connected to you at all stages of your case. We will return all calls and emails within 24 hours, if not sooner. Every case is personally handled by Maryland car accident lawyer Michael S. Morgenstern.

Orange County Car Accident Lawyers

It doesn’t matter who you are, when you have been a victim of a catastrophic injury or a loved one is gone due to someone else’s negligence, your world is changed forever. Accident and injury victims and their families need a strong, steady hand to help them put their lives together and find justice. The Orange County Car Accident Lawyers at Nokes & Nokes will fight relentlessly on your behalf to get you the benefits and financial compensation you deserve according to California personal injury law.

Following any type of accident or injury caused by the negligence of another your life may be changed for years to come, if not forever. Even a seemingly minor accident can cause you to have long term medical care, you may miss extensive amounts of time from work and your quality of life may never be the same.

All of these may entitle you to benefits, damages and financial compensation according to California personal injury law. At Nokes & Nokes, we are Orange County personal injury lawyers who believe the legal system is for everyone, not just big companies and their insurers who can afford to pay enormous sums to fight legitimate claims.

At Nokes & Nokes., we provide skilled legal representation to protect injured people and their families throughout Orange County, California. For more than a quarter century, our Orange County, California personal injury lawyers have been effectively handling auto accident and wrongful death claims. We have the experience and resources to get results.

We routinely handle all types of accidents including, but not limited to:

Animal attacks/Dog bites: we are very well versed in California dog bite and animal attack law.

Car accidents: including rear end collisions, head-on collisions and side impact collisions.

Motorcycle accidents: including single motorcycle accidents.

Personal injury: we handle serious bodily injuries such as broken bones, head injuries and birth injuries.

Slip and fall accidents: including at retail stores, home improvement stores and malls.

Trucking accidents: including tractor trailer accidents and delivery van accidents.

Wrongful Death: caused by car, truck and motorcycle accidents, falls and fatal medical errors.

Personal Injury Attorneys Working For You

One of the most important aspects of a personal injury lawsuit in California is determining who is at fault. Depending on the type of accident, there can be one liable party or multiple liable parties. At Nokes & Nokes we perform careful investigation when establishing who should be held accountable for your injuries, missed work time and, if applicable, pain and suffering.

In an effort to determine the full amount of your claim, we frequently work with expert witnesses, eye witnesses and investigators to reconstruct the accident if necessary to get you the fair and just compensation amount for your injuries.

Benefits In A California Injury Claim

With our decades of experience handling only accident and personal injury claims in the Orange County, California area, we are very well versed in California personal injury law. That includes understanding your case and how the accident impacts your life. A car, truck, motorcycle and slip and fall accident can cause you to miss work time now as well as in the future. It can also cause you years, if not a lifetime, of physical pain and emotional suffering. In addition, following the accident you may face endless medical appointments, tests, procedures and surgery, all of which can be very costly. Each of these may mean that you qualify for various benefits, and elements of damages and financial compensation.

How Do Personal Injury Claims End?

In California, those injured in an accident caused by the carelessness of another, can file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party or parties. In the event that someone was killed the deceased persons’ estate can file a wrongful death claim against the negligent party or parties.

Once the lawsuit is filed settlement negotiations begin between your car accident attorney tampa and the liable parties insurance carrier. In most accident, injury and accidental death claims a fair and just settlement is reached and the case is over. In other cases it may not be so simplistic and your case may have to go to the litigation phase, also referred to as the trial phase.

When choosing a personal injury attorney to handle your claim it is very important that you look for an attorney that not only has an outstanding settlement history but you also want an attorney that has significant trial experience. Our personal injury attorneys possess a wealth of trial experience and are more than willing to go that route if that is what is needed to get you, and your family, the benefits they deserve by law.

Can I Afford To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Absolutely. In fact, you cannot afford not to. Following any type of auto accident, animal attack or slip and fall accident you are very vulnerable emotionally, financially and physically. Your top priority should be to get healthy again and get your life back to what it was prior to the accident. Being injured in an accident can cause severe financial strain due to having no vehicle, vehicle repair costs, insurance deductibles, medical expenses, medication costs and missing time at work. All of these can add up very quickly and become very costly. The financial strain associated with being injured can take a toll on your physical state and hinder your recovery. By having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side you can focus on recovering and they will handle all administrative aspects of your claim.

At Nokes & Nokes we handle accident, injury and wrongful death claims on a contingency fee basis meaning we charge no fee unless we recover for you. With that in mind we invite you to contact our office immediately.